New Zealand welcomes new migrants – people who will contribute to the country by bringing valuable skills or qualifications, setting up a business, or making a financial investment.

Geography and Weather

New Zealand is divided into two islands that span the north to the south, separated by the Cook Strait. You’ll find New Zealand’s north to be a beautiful mix of lush hills grazed by sheep and covered with mud pools, geysers, and active volcanoes in contrast to the alps, fjords, and glaciers in the south. The weather of New Zealand is on the temperate side for most part of the year. The eastern areas can even get a bit of drought in the summer while the south gets regular rain.

Capital and City Centers

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Other major city centers that are popular landing spots:
• Auckland
• Christchurch
• Dunedin
• Hamilton
• Palmerston North


New Zealand recognizes three official languages: English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language. Hindi and Chinese are also spoken by the migrant population.

The Economy

New Zealand’s economy is one that is dependent on international trade and agreements. The market economy has special ties with Australia, the EU, the USA, China and a couple other countries. Its strong economic relations with Australia equal both of the economies being aligned closely. It has a well-established manufacturing sector that works with mining and manufacturing as well as water, gas and electricity.

Pastimes and Attractions

New Zealand will turn you into an outdoor lover with its majestic waves and steep ski slopes. It is no surprise to know that swimming, triathlon, running, cycling, surfing and fishing take the top spots when it comes to activities that people there enjoy. New Zealand also promotes communal togetherness and is home to some of the most noted cultural events in cinema, theatre, music, among others.
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