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Our Travel desk executive will assist you with flight booking at lowest possible rates. You can confirm tickets on receipt of visa all at one place. You just need to inform your travel requirements. On obtaining the travel requirements our travel desk will attend your request with flight information kit.


To ensure smooth sailing after you land in a new country, we can help in arranging airport pickup. A chauffer driven car arranged by our partners in USA will meet you at the airport and ensure that you safely reach your arranged accommodation. The same can be arranged privately with prior notification.

Accommodation Booking

Our accommodation booking services is nominally charged for all clients traveling overseas, our executive makes a point to give the best match in given budget for comfortable and secure accommodation overseas. Parents are always concerned for the well-being of their children while sending them for studies abroad. Understanding their concerns we provide them appropriate accommodation solutions with safe environment.

Foreign exchange

Once the finances are sorted we also help the students to avail foreign exchange services where by the students would not have to pay any extra service charges and the rates of foreign currency would be the best in the industry.


SPAN IMMIGRATION offers the very best health and travel insurance plans tailored to fit the unique needs of the study abroad and international student, at the most affordable rate. Student health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for international students in the USA and study-abroad students around the world. The International student insurance plans are usually more affordable than the ones provided by the universities in USA, and they provide similar coverage.


SPAN IMMIGRATION gives useful tips on how to find jobs abroad where they are permitted to do so. We provide references and contacts of job agencies which may help our students to find a job. There are opportunities to earn while you study, during vacations and even post study..

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